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If you intend to write a book, this web site can forewarn you of what you're up against. In this web page, I hope to provide you with all the information you might possibly want on an eclectic group of books written in what I call "the jelly bean genre." They cover a variety of topics chosen either because I thought I had unique information in that topic, or because a fictional plot I liked entered my thoughts and wouldn't go away. I keep thinking I've made all the mistakes possible in the writing field (and give all the details), but sad experience tells me that, given time, I will make more. The information to be covered includes:

(1) Tips on:
* Writing
* Publishing Books
* Promoting Books

(2) Background on books written by Andrew Dequasie

(3) Excerpts from books written by Andrew Dequasie

(4) A brief bio

Regarding the background and excerpts, the books involved, in
chronological order of publication or writing are:

  1. The Dragonslayers, 1973, Carlton Press, Satire
  2. Thirsty, 1983, Walker (1999 Reprint, G.K.Hall, & 2003 recording, Books In Motion ,
    retitled Sundown In Thirsty),Humorous Western Novel
  3. The Green Flame, 1991, American Chemical Society, Nonfiction Adventure
  4. The Spruce Valley Miracle, 2000, Xlibris, Earth-Bound Sci Fi
  5. The Crossroads Time, 2000, Xlibris, Western Coming of Age Novel
  6. Vermont Mosaic, 2000, Xlibris, Fictional Short Stories Set In Vermont
  7. A Lifetime Nature Walk, 2000, Xlibris, Nonfiction Nature Anecdotes
  8. The Diamonds of Kronos, 2000, Xlibris, Sci Fi, Aliens Attack Earth
  9. Murder, Singular & Plural, 2001, Booksurge or Xlibris, Private Investigator Novel
  10. Western Limericks WORK IN HIBERNATION
  11. The Places I've Been nonfiction WORK IN TOTAL REWRITE
  12. A Brazilian Odessey fiction WORK IN PROGRESS

WHAT'S NEW ? - 30th Edition, being posted 9/16/15

  • MISCELLANY - I've renamed and reorganized "LADY ASHLEY & LORD LOUIE". It's now "A Brazilian Oddessy". I've started a blog dequasiebooks.wordpress.com and a Tweet AndrewDequasie on twitter to promote my eight e-books.

  • THE SPRUCE VALLEY MIRACLE - I've deleted Chapter 14 and installed the last Chapter; Chapter 15, preceded by a synopsis of chapters 1 thru 14. As a very few of you may know, this is my prophetic novel of the future which is slowly taking shape as we watch. It is a damn fine novel, if I do say so myself.

  • WORKS IN PROGRESS - Western Limericks isn't entirely on the back burner. I'll add pages to it as time and inspiration permit and await a better day to seek publication. SURVIVING SUICIDE is kaput and will be swallowed up by an autobiography, tentatively titled, "The Places I've been."

    One thing that's happening through no fault or effort of my own, is that readers for e-books, such as 'Kindle' and 'Nook' have become practical. This is the lowest cost way to read a book other than a library loan. My 6 books, originally self-published via Xlibris, have been available as e-books since 8/1/11. And, as of mid-April, I've made THE GREEN FLAME and SUNDOWN IN THIRSTY available on Amazon.com as e-books.


    The Green Flame & Thirsty - Hardcopies are out of print, but available On Amazon as e-books, search by author, Andrew Dequasie. The e-book version of Thirsty is re-titled as Sundown In Thirsty.

    Sundown in Thirsty - Phone Books in Motion at (509) 922 1546 for recorded version of Thirsty.

    The Six Xlibris Books - Paperback, Hardback, & e-book editions are available from Xlibris by phone, (888) 795 4274, or online at www.Xlibris.com. Search by author, Andrew Dequasie. Hardback, paperback, & e-book editions are available from Amazon. E-book editions are available from Barnes & Noble and other booksellers. For the e-books, you might best Google "Amazon Kindle Books" or "Barnes & Noble Nook Books", then search by author, Andrew Dequasie. Xlibris has been bought out by "Author Solutions," which later became "CreateSpace," which is now part of Amazon.com.

    The Dragonslayers - Perhaps rarely available as a used book.

    OTHER web sites, and publishers, that may be of
    interest to readers and writers are listed at the end of this web site.

    Questions or comments? E-mail them to andydequ@sover.net